How to Make Money without Google AdSense

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way to make money through blogging. You promote another product in exchange for a small commission. It generates more profit than AdSense .

You need to first sign up to a few affiliate programs relevant to your niche. You can select products to promote to your target audience. You will receive a special link called an ‘affiliate’ once you are approved as an affiliate. You earn a commission when someone clicks on your affiliate link to make a purchase. It’s that simple.

You should only choose products of the highest quality before you start affiliate marketing. Avoid products that could damage your blog’s image.

Few tips for successful affiliate marketing;

  • Select products that relate to your blog.
  • If possible, test out the product.
  • Check out their commission rates. Accept no offer with a commission rate less than 5% for affiliates.
  • Make sure to disclose affiliate links on your blog.
  • Review products fairly and objectively.
  • Do not just scatter affiliate links all over your blog. Use only when needed.
  • Increase sales by driving targeted traffic

Would you like to continue reading? Compare the details of AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Sponsored posts

It is simply another type of blog post that you can publish on your site. The writing style and tone should be similar. The brand pays the blogger for the post.

Sponsored posts may come in many different forms. Some companies want their product to be mentioned once in a blog post. Some companies prefer that bloggers write an in-depth review. Some brands approach bloggers and ask them to publish pre-written sponsored articles on their blogs in exchange for a set amount. Bloggers don’t always have to write their posts. The blogger only needs to check the post, and then make a few small changes before publishing it.

Some brands offer free products as an exchange for sponsored posts. Most companies pay money.

You need to start by contacting brands in order to find opportunities. Set up an advertisement page for your blog so that companies can contact you. Always mention that the sponsored post is sponsored somewhere in the article.

Find sponsored review opportunities on these sites.

  • Izea Pay Per Post
  • SponsoredReviews
  • PayU2Blog
  • SocialSpark

You should prepare a media package before applying to the sites above. This should include the number of followers on social media, subscribers to your email list, and statistics for your blog.

3. is another great alternative to Google Adsense. is a great alternative to Adsense if you’re tired of Adsense and their refusal to approve your blog. Adsense approval is difficult due to the strict rules and thousands who apply. allows you to place ads on your website and earn money. This contextual network shows ads that are relevant to your blog. If you run a blog about cats, the ads on your blog will be relevant. This increases the number of ads clicked.

This is just another way to advertise on your blog. You will get paid based on your blog’s niche, the quality of your traffic and how many clicks you receive.

Reviewers are paid to write reviews

Paid reviews can be compared to sponsored posts. Bloggers get paid to write a product review for their website. Bloggers are needed by companies to promote their products to their followers and review them. Bloggers are often given free products by brands in return for a thorough review. Brands may also pay bloggers to write reviews.

You should make it clear in your blog that this is a paid review.

You should try the product first if you’re interested in paid reviews. If a product is of low quality, you cannot simply recommend it and blog about it. You cannot risk the trust of your readers.

You probably have a lot of opportunities as a lifestyle blog to earn money by writing reviews.

Freelance Services

Offering freelance services is another way to earn extra moneyfrom a blog. This can be an excellent way to earn a regular income.

You wear many hats as a blogger. You need to be able to write, use social media, blog, etc. Your blog can be used to offer freelance work part-time.

The following services are available:

  • Freelance writing
  • Blog management services
  • Social media content
  • Other Virtual Assistant Services

Set up a page called “Hire Me” on your blog. This makes it clear to your prospects.

Accepting Paid Guest Posts

Accepting guest posts is a way that many websites earn money. This can be an interesting way to earn some extra cash. You might have a high DA if you’ve been blogging for a while. This means your blog is a great place to get a guest posting.

You can set rates based on the domain authority of your website, audience interaction, and traffic.

7. Paid Adverts

Advertisements on your blog are a great way to make money. You can basically sell advertising space on your blog at a monthly fixed rate. Most clicks are made in prominent areas like the header or widget area. The companies will pay a monthly fixed fee to blog owners for the display of their ads. Advertisements are used by these companies to showcase their tools and products.

You should check if the ad you are seeing is relevant. You can check the link that an ad links to.

Sell your own products

It may be a little scary to think about creating your own products, but they can provide passive income for your website. You only have to create the products once, and then you can enjoy sales for years.

Ebooks are a great digital product. Many people enjoy reading ebooks. You can create and sell an ebook as a food blogger or motivational coach.

Online courses are now easier to create. It’s easy to start with platforms like Teachable or Udemy.

The Print on Demand model allows you to create custom merchandise and monetize the site by selling t-shirts and other POD items.

You can make a consistent income by selling digital and physical goods on your blog.

Create a membership site

What value do you offer to your blog’s readers?

What strategic advice do you give in your blog niche?

Do you consider yourself an expert?

Memberships are a great way to make money online. You can basically offer anything to your audience in exchange for a monthly payment.

Business owners provide webinars, videos, checklists and live Q&A. They also offer templates, case studies, reports, templates, etc. Joining membership sites simplifies their lives. The learning process is accelerated.

You need to be accessible for your audience. This is a place where authentic learners want to learn from your expertise.

It is important to produce outstanding content that will be useful to others and make them pay for it. Before you create a membership website for your audience, brainstorm new ideas. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication from you. You must market your membership site and update it regularly.

10. Offers Consulting

Many people build their websites solely to make money by coaching or consulting. This is an example of how online consulting can be a way to earn more money.

You may have to wait a few months before you get your first client, but if marketing yourself effectively is done then the chances of getting that first client are high.

Here are some tips on how to use your blog as a consulting service.

  • Create a page in your blog. Make it professional. Clarify what you plan to offer during the session.
  • Join social media groups. Free advice on a topic.
  • Offer 3 free consultations to people who ask for your advice.
  • You can ask for the testimonials of those people.
  • Email, social media or messages are all effective ways to reach out to potential customers.
  • Your blog can be used to direct visitors to your consulting services page.

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