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10 Real Estate Blogs Every Realtor Should Read in 2024

1. Zillow Market Reports

If you’re looking for trustworthy market data you can rely upon, Zillow fits the bill. The blog section on Zillow provides agents with a comprehensive view on what’s happening in the rental and housing market.

The blog of Zillow explores the trends in pricing homes and the reasons for these trends and what to anticipate from a trend and a host of other aspects that impact the real estate market.

2. CRE Online Blog

This CRE Online blog helps you to understand the way property investors in the market are operating in the current economic climate. Additionally, you’ll find advice on how to avoid common real estate errors as well as tips on negotiating rental properties and deciding on the right investment strategy for you.

3. McKissock

The blog was started by a father and couple, Richard McKissock and Matt McKissock The blog teaches realtors how to improve their appraisal abilities and build a their real estate careers.

McKissock is an excellent resource to get information on the tax laws governing real estate as well as appraisals of certain homes, such as senior housing, and how to handle parenting while pursuing the demands of a real estate career.

4. Ryan Serhant’s Blog

Do the idea of learning from those who have made more than 4 billion dollars in revenue sound interesting? This is what Ryan as well as his crew has accomplished. Ryan’s blog is brimming with information about starting real estate businesses as well as getting your real estate license, obtaining leads, branding your personal brand and more.

If you’re looking to acquire the strategies for expanding as well as marketing your property company You must take a look at the material Ryan has written.

5. Fundrise Education

Fundrise is a renowned property investment and real estate platform that has more than a decade to its credit. It doesn’t matter if you’re making your first or 15th real property purchase, Fundrise has helpful how-to articles that will assist you in making the right choices right away or later in the future.

6. HousingWire

Your one-stop source for news from the industry, HousingWire will feed you the latest developments in finance, interest rates and regulations. If you’re an experienced investor or a professional realtor, you’ll be able to find useful information to help you make an informed decision regarding the market.

7. The BiggerPockets Blog

In the depths that this website is reliable content on investing in real estate as well as personal financial matters marketing for real estate, and much more. Landlords, homebuyers who are first-time buyers as well as agents will get helpful information at BiggerPockets Blog. BiggerPockets Blog.

8. National Association of Realtors

Since it is the blog that represents the National Association of Realtors, you will find everything related to real estate related, with a focus regarding real estate laws as well as violations and mortgages for homes. The blog’s straightforward approach is refreshing and reliable in the current online era of a crowded environment.

9. Inman

Realtors who are tech-savvy are likely to find the Inman blog fascinating. The blog is constantly exploring the latest developments in the field of real estate technology and what the largest agents across the U.S. are doing, and what real estate trends you can take advantage of.

This is a source for the modern-day realtor So if you’re looking to know the most current trends in home purchasing it will be a pleasure to visit.

10. Redfin Blog

Redfin has an extensive database of information on homebuyers they regularly share on their own blog. From local information to a national analysis of the real estate market Realtors and buyers will discover something of interest on this blog.

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