Emergency Root Canal

Emergency Root Canal: What to Know

Intense tooth pain keeping you up at night? Have a severely cracked, damaged, or decayed tooth causing discomfort and swelling? You may need emergency root canal treatment, especially if medication and home remedies aren’t calming your symptoms. As emergency dentists providing urgent root canal treatment in London, we want to explain what’s involved so you know what to expect.

What is an Emergency Root Canal?

A root canal is a treatment involving deep cleaning and removal of infected, inflamed tissue within the inner tooth structure. It becomes an emergency procedure when nerve damage, abscess formation, tissue death, extreme pain and swelling, or high infection levels necessitate rapid treatment to prevent loss of the entire tooth altogether.

Signs You Need Emergency Root Canal

Contact our London emergency root canal dentists right away if you experience any of the following to determine if emergency root canal is warranted:

  • Severe constant toothache unrelated to temperature stimulus
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Tooth very sensitive to touch/pressure
  • Visible cracks, chips, decay worsening pain
  • Darkening discolored tooth
  • Swelling bumps on gums near tooth’s root
  • Fever, chills, lymph node swelling indicating spreading infection

Leaving nerve inflammation and infection to spread without emergency care may result in permanent tooth loss, according to the American Association of Endodontists. Getting assessed urgently by our emergency root canal dentists allows rapid pain relief plus tooth preservation.

What Happens During Emergency Root Canal?

Once anesthetized for comfort, the infected tooth pulp chamber is accessed and necrotic tissue removed under microscope. Canals are cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. Temporary fillings relieve pain until final restoration like a dental crown for protection. The procedure may involve multiple appointments depending on severity and complexity.

Aftercare for Emergency Root Canal

Tenderness and discomfort is common but manageable in days following emergency root canal. Over-the-counter pain relievers, soft diet, cold packs, and good oral hygiene helps recovery. Within 1-2 weeks, significant improvement occurs. A biting sensitivity test determines final restoration timing. A durable custom crown helps prevent tooth fracture long term after tissue healing.

Why Choose Us For Your Emergency Root Canal 

With advanced 3D CBCT imaging allowing superior diagnosis and Microscope-Enhanced Endodontic Treatment for precise navigation of tiny anatomical spaces, our London emergency dentists utilize cutting-edge technologies to support root canal success and tooth preservation after traumatic injuries or invasive decay. We handle nervous patients with empathy and patience from start to finish.

What About Root Canal Alternative Options?

In some cases, more conservative pulp care therapies may be attempted before proceeding to full root canal, such as shallow pulp capping or pulpotomy. These aim to maintain pulp vitality after removing decayed material, treating remaining tissue with medicated dressings to promote healing before sealing the tooth. However, if pulpal inflammation and infection continues to worsen, emergency root canal is necessary.

Are Follow-Up Visits Necessary After Emergency Root Canal?

Yes, follow-up appointments allow our emergency dentists to clinically evaluate healing, check for residual infection using probes or x-rays, and determine when the tooth is ready for permanent restoration. Custom crowns require separate impressions and placement. Follow-ups also assess that your bite alignment is stable, and no worrisome cracks formed during recovery warranting added reinforcement.

What About Cosmetic Appearance After Healing?

Emergency root canal seals off the inner tooth layers but the outer enamel and surrounding gum tissue heals smoothly for natural aesthetic appearance matching your existing smile. In some cases of trauma-related injury, cosmetic contouring, reshaping or dental veneers can improve damaged chip fractures not compromising inner tooth function. Our emergency dentists address cosmetic concerns related to the emergency alongside functional repairs.

Why Shouldn’t I Pull My Painful Tooth Instead?

While extraction stops the symptom of pain fast, it causes bone tissue loss over time, encourages teeth shifting, necessitates bridge placement, and increases infection risk during pulling. Saving natural teeth capability through emergency root canal maintains chewing function long-term. As specialists in tooth preservation, our priority is keeping your natural healthy smile intact whenever clinical conditions realistically allow it.

How Much Does Emergency Root Canal Cost?

Emergency root canal fees vary per individual case. Pricing is influenced by total treatment length, technology materials utilized, necessary medication, follow-up exams, plus final restorations like dental crowns. However complex the inner anatomy or infection severity, our London emergency root canal dentists work to keep emergency root canal costs affordable for patients. Finance plans are available. Evaluate the investment in saving your natural tooth for long-term oral health.

Why Choose Emergency Root Canal Treatment?

Besides relieving severe pain and stopping bacterial infection growth damaging surrounding tissues, getting emergency root canal promptly preserves your natural smile functionality. Eliminating diseased inner tooth tissue while protecting the root and outer layers saves the tooth so adjacent ones don’t risk shifting or over erupting. Avoiding extraction maintains the invaluable short and long term oral health benefits of keeping your natural dentition intact. With high success rates of modern emergency root canal in London, you get to keep your precious smile!

Seeking Emergency Root Canal Services?

Don’t wait with worrying symptoms. As your emergency root canal dentist in London for urgent root canal infection treatment, we provide prompt, gentle and precise care to resolve your tooth pain quickly while preventing enlargement of any inner decay and loss of the tooth completely. Trust our years of advanced specialty training for optimal emergency tooth restoration outcomes. Call our London based Emergency Dentist London Pro Clinic today for an evaluation! We help nervous patients feel at ease while getting your smile back to full function.

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