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Top Real Estate Trends in 2024 That Will Rule the Market

Top Real Estate Trends & Forecasts in 2024

2024 was an year that set a new highest in the Indian real property market. New launches as well as home sales experienced a substantial increase last year, and are anticipated to keep the same trend in 2024, too. The real property marketplace within India has been tested and tested and is widely believed to be able to withstand the market’s volatility. Incredibly, the market for real estate has not strayed from the expectations of investors in real estate despite the plethora of fluctuations and ups and downs over the past couple of years. Positive expectations and an increase in the pace of growth have shown the ability of the market to endure as it will grow in 2024 and in the coming years too.

The market for real estate in India has something to offer any type of investor that is out there. In the year 2024, the overall Indian economy is showing positive indicators, including a rise from the current market decline, an expected growth in the creation of new job opportunities as well as an overall increase. These indicators will eventually cause a surge in the demand for housing societies across the country as people enter the market for housing.

Let’s take a look at some of the best real estate trends for 2024 that are anticipated to dominate the real estate market.

Shop-cum-Offices in Commercial

Shop-cum-offices is also known as SCO is a real estate commercial category that has seen a tremendous growth in recent years. Gurugram is considered to be the most prestigious and profitable place to locate shop-cum-offices in the National Capital Region. SCO plots are available to invest and develop in various regions of Gurugram. This has led to an era in commercial SCO plots has been created. It is a good thing that these SCO markets have experienced a phenomenal growth, and early capital of investors has increased several times over. Investors who invests in the SCO market will benefit from leases with longer terms, more stable income, and steady cash flow.

House Hunting Going Digital

Digital platforms have been around since the beginning of time However, in the time of and after the pandemic the demand of these digital platforms risen across all sectors. The real estate sector is not any different. In the last couple of months, consumers have booked their homes on a platform that is digital. In addition, other elements in the buying process, like a home tour or tour, a brokerage sum and rental amount or deposits, lease agreements and so on. These have been made digital, too. In addition mortgages for homes are now available online too. This will be the foundation for buying as well as trading real estate properties in 2024.

Sellers’ Market

The housing market that is expected to emerge in 2024 is a buyers market. It is expected that costs of housing will continue to rise due to the rising demand for homes, accompanied by the limited supply. Generation Y is expected to begin investment in real estate at first in this year. This means that the demand for housing for commercial and residential spaces will be increasing too. In the future, the real property market in India is likely to be marked by a rise in demand, and a decrease in supply, which will result in the market for sellers.

A Rise in Property Prices

The increased demand and the market turning into an auction market can eventually lead to an increase in prices for property. Homebuyers are aware of increasing costs. Incredibly, some buyers are willing to spend more than what they would pay to secure a home.

Higher Interest Rates

The time of low interest rates is past. The current geo-political situation and the increasing inflation are pushing up rate of lending, and is consequently, predicted to rise by 2024.

Tier-II Cities Becoming Residential Markets

A greater proportion of investment will be moving to tier II and tier III cities in 2024. Certain government programs like AMRUT as well as the Smart Cities Mission have helped these cities become excellent housing hubs. Additionally, as a result of the increase in employment prospects and economic development these cities tend to see the influx of people from residential areas. Additionally, many of the tier-II and Tier-III cities have several Indian and international MNCs, or have good connections to cities that are metropolitan in the nation. This is likely to result in residents moving to tier-II or tier-III cities and making commutes each day.

Rental Market Slowing Down

After the pandemic, the desire to have a house of one’s own is growing. The people who have the money to purchase a home are likely to invest in one. This will decrease the need for rental houses in major metropolitan cities. The majority of people today prefer owning their own home rather than renting a property, because of the rise in proportion to EMI values. In addition, a rise in affordability for people will cause the rental market to start slowing in 2024.

As the rental market slows down and the need for homeowners will also increase. The market will witness an rise in first-time and younger homeowners as well.

Growth in Office Leasing

The need for office space specifically for retail and IT industries will continue to grow by 2024. Additionally, third-party and e-commerce logistics firms will be feeling the necessity to invest in warehouses which will result in them becoming the fastest-growing segment of commercial real estate. In addition, investment in data centers will witness an increase in demand too.

Summing Up

Investment in real estate in India is not an easy decision. With the number of sales across various areas rising dramatically, it will help people realize the importance of having an individual real estate asset. In 2023, if we see certain real estate trends It is expected to see these patterns persist through 2024 too as any emerging real estate trends or forecasts that the market may be able to see.

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